Canton offers shopping and family fun

Canton offers shopping and family fun

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One hour driving from Marshall and you will get to Canton in East Texas. The most wonderful experience in Canton is the great shopping opportunity that offers the best bargains at its First Monday Trade Days.

Among the attractions you will find in Canton is the Yesterland Farms with its nostalgic inspired theme park. When spring approaches family can expect a fun filled experience at every attraction that grudgingly competes for every visitor’s business.

First Monday Trade Days

In Canton, Texas, the "World's Largest Flea Market" sits on 100-acres with traders of all sizes ready to peddle their wares. The trade days opportunities are endless, as shoppers have the unique opportunity of finding anything from a pin to an anchor; just about anything to satisfy their adventure seeking hearts.

Canton Texas flea market is truly the biggest shopping day boasting over 5,000 vendors. When shopping in canton TX, you can expect to find some of the most popular and unique items such as arts, crafts, jewelry, fine home décor and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. Antiques, collectibles, memorabilia and even vintage clothing and lots of other unique finds are just some of the many products that sells like hot cakes.

Canton trade days started over a century ago, it is actually over 150 years ago first monday trade days canton tx when the first recorded trade event took place. In those trade days in Texas days, people would ride their horses to trade days, which is a far cry from the modern days access to get to the Canton TX shopping area.

Canton TX trade days in the earlier days consist of livestock trading, horses, dogs, tools and mostly farm equipment were the main draw. Also, farm produce and homemade items were top sellers, according to historic accounts.

With the Canton trade days calendar set for every first Monday of each month, visitors can plan their trip to Texas biggest flea market. Now, it’s a family event with thousands flocking to the popular trading event to find bargains. And in some instances, simply just to have fun and enjoy the experience of the First Monday famous event with family and close friends.

First Monday trade days can be challenging for first time shoppers, and even seasoned shoppers. However, those minor issues can be solved once they’ve made some small adjustments. Sunscreen, light clothing, especially during the hot summer months are first monday trade days advisable. Sneakers and other comfortable shoes canton first monday are a must when going to the Canton first Monday trade days for the first time.

Canton First Monday trade day is year-round even with rain, sunshine and light snow. The best months to shop are April, May, September, October and November when the weather is favorable. Most of the best deals are usually available on every First Monday weekend. The calendar is set for the First Monday with the event starting on Thursday and continues through the weekend until the 'First Monday', from sunset until sundown.

Canton Texas flea market is held at 800 First Monday Lane. No admission fee is charged at this event. However, prepare to pay only a fee of $5.00 to park your vehicle – So you can shop to your heart’s desire – And enjoy a fun-filled family day.

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